Part-time intern - Humla AB

Axel Johnson is a family business founded in 1873 and is now run by the fourth and fifth generations. Every day the group interacts with a million customers who buy goods and services from our affiliated companies. The wholly and partly owned companies within Axel Johnson had a total annual turnover of approximately SEK 87 billion (2020) and the group employs approximately 25,000 people.


Axel Johnson is actively working to continuously develop its businesses and has a goal that in 10 years, 50 percent of the group’s revenue shall come from activities that currently do not form part of our business.


One initiative focusing on innovation in the group is the new startup company Humla. In collaboration with some of the largest retail companies in Sweden Humla is developing new digital products with focus on payments, data and loyalty.


Humla is currently looking for a part-time intern to join the team this fall. In this role you will work in close collaboration with Humla’s CEO and management team. You will manage projects and implement new processes, support the organisation in decision making and collaboration, and assist the management team in developing strategies and creating board materials. And the most exciting part will be to get first hand experience from developing and launching new digital products!


Our office is located at Villagatan, close to Humlegården, in Stockholm and work can partly be conducted remotely at flexible hours to work well in parallel with school activities. You will earn an hourly salary and the work will approximately be 10-20 hours per week.