Contact the Safety Representative

Hello fellow I:are,

My name is Elza Berisha and I am your Safety Representative. My role as Safety Representative exists for you to feel safe, welcome and included at the Chapter for Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH. This includes all types of safety, physical as well as psychological. I work primarily with GenI, our committee for equality, diversity and equal treatment, as well as the Board and the other Safety Representatives at THS in order to create a chapter environment that is as enjoyable as possible. Afterall, the most important part of the Chapter is you, which is why I am here for you above all, if you ever feel the need to share anything. It could be something that you experienced that made you feel unsafe, an idea on how the Chapter could be improved or if you just want to unburden your heart.

If you wish to know more about me, I am also a student at the I-program. I am currently in my third year and I have many different work experiences at the Chapter. Last year I held the role of Vice President for the Chapter Board where I worked with questions regarding well-being and inclusion. These are aspects that lie close to my heart and this is why I have chosen to continue my work, now through the role of your Safety Representative.

Finally I want to remind you, new as well as old chapter members, that the Chapter is here for you to have fun, meet new friends and create memories for life. Everyone that works to make the Chapter better is doing so in order to make your time at KTH as great as possible. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you know that if you would ever receive a negative experience at the Chapter, there is always someone that wants to listen in order to help you and improve the Chapter.

How do you get in touch with the Safety Representative?

You can reach me in a number of ways. For example you can contact me through the form below, send me an email at, contact me on Facebook or wave if you see me at Campus (or any other place for that matter).

Does the Safety Representative practice confidentiality?

YES – I have professional secrecy according to Swedish law. With me you can talk about anything and feel confident that it stays with me.

Where else can I turn to?

Here is a list of functions at KTH, the Chapter and other organizations that you can turn to should you feel the need:

To report an incident that has occurred during or in connection to a Chapter activity:
Use the Safety Council contact form at

For questions regarding the social environment at KTH:
The Student Union (THS) Head of Student Welfare.

For questions regarding equality and diversity work at KTH:
Equality Office

For individual support conversations and guidance:

Tel: 08-674 77 00

KTH:s report number to give information regarding danger of life, property or environment, crime in progress or other emergency situations to KTH:s crisis management group:
Tel: 08-790 77 00

If experiencing discrimination you can turn directly to the state discrimination ombudsman.
Read more at:

Regarding threat and violence you can turn to the national organization kvinnofridslinjen.

Where can I read more about all of this?

Mer information hittar du här:
This link leads you to KTH:s information regarding Support and Reporting:
You can find more information regarding studenthälsan and well-fare officers here:

Elza Berisha


Supplementary word-list:

I:are – A member of the Chapter at the Industrial Engineering and Management program are called I:are.

Chapter member – A member of the chapter, defined as a student connected to the Industrial Engineering and Management program at KTH.

The Chapter at Industrial Engineering and Management, or simply The Chapter – A non-profit organization that is the social counterpart to the academic Industrial Engineering and Management program..

The Board for the Chapter at Industrial Engineering and Management – The Chapter is lead by an executive Board, which you can read more about here: här.
They are also great to talk to, feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.