Inspire Kearney Sessions

I Inspire Kearney Sessions

Inspiration can be a fleeting phenomenon. It can arrive when you least expect it, and vanish when you need it the most. Having it can drive you to great length, and lacking it may prevent you from achieving what you truly desire. Professionally and personally – it is the engine running and powering the direction of your life, and it is important to keep it fueled up. 

Join our consultants during an informal breakfast at Miss Clara by Nobis, where we will share with you inspiring stories from both management consulting and beyond. 

We invite 4th and 5th year Masters students. Please note that the event will be hosted in Swedish.

When | Friday 11 September 2020, 08:30-10:00

Where | Miss Clara by Nobis, Sveavägen 48

How | Apply by uploading CV and grade transcripts by Sunday 6 September 


Questions: Please contact Helin Rahim