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Lunchföreläsning med Nefab

februari 13 kl: 00:00
Plats: B2, Brinellvägen 23
Det här eventet är kostnadsfritt!
Nefab bjuder in till lunchföreläsning den 13/2! Bowls från Kasai Mini kommer serveras. Plats bekräftas via mail. Varmt välkomna!

Achieving 3x growth in ten years – from 3 to 10 BSEK!

Come and listen to the CEO of Nefab, Staffan Pehrson, as he explains how Nefab will achieve 3x growth over a 10 year period by providing sustainable packaging & logistics solutions to leading companies in industries such as Telecom, Energy and Automotive. Nefab serves its global customer base out of 33 countries in Europe, North & South America and Asia. Key to our continued success is to attract and develop the next generation of leaders.

Nefab’s offering includes sustainable packaging solutions, logistics services and IoT tracking systems that help customers reduce cost throughout their supply chains, while minimizing environmental impact. In 2018 the turnover was 4,5 billion sek. Owners of the group are the Nordgren/Pihl family and FAM AB (Wallenberg).

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