Consector’s finance scholarship – the next step towards a great bachelor or master thesis

Is it time to write your bachelor or master’s thesis? The time we never forget, full of stress and a lot of new information to take in. But it’s also unforgettable because it’s something you invest so much time and love into; it’s your work and something you will leave behind. So you really want it to be the best thing you have ever written and spent time on. But don’t worry, the money issue can be solved, if you have just that right amount of will power to make your thesis just about perfect.

If this is right up your alley, you can check out Consector’swebsite to see if the following criteria fits your thesis. The need for financial support that could contribute to your essay is always a plus, but there are some criteria to be followed in order to get this scholarship, such as the subject and the relevance in today’s society. These are the things to keep in mind: does the subject have relevance in today’s society, how is the research strategy planned out and does the essay apply to the world of banking and finance, the labour market, companies and/or individuals.

So, make your thesis even more special and get all the right information, go on all the necessary trips, and do all the research that you have always wanted – it’s possible with a financial aid. 10.000 SEK can get you very far, which means you can leave a lot of knowledge and help behind. Your studies could possibly help someone in the future.

You only need to follow these three simple steps in order to apply for the scholarship:

  • Write a text of 500-1000 words containing a discussion of how you are going to solve the problem and what resources you will need for your work.
  • Attach your proof of studies from your university or college.
  • Send your application, with your identity number, contact details, education and school in an email to

So get out there and start researching – if you haven’t started already. Don’t forget to apply soon and good luck with your bachelor or master thesis!

The deadline for your application for consectors Finance Scholarship is 20th January 2019.